Why We Stream in 2018

I have such a busy life these days. With school, work, and trying to maintain a social life, it’s important that I also make room for me time. The number one thing I enjoy doing during free time time is binge watching some of my favorite shows. Rather it’s Netflix, Hulu, or even Crackle, watching my favorite television shows have never been easier. I love having the ability to decide what I want to watch and having the ability to watch it without commercials. Not to mention it’s on my own time.

When I was a child, all we had was basic cable television. We had regular broadcast news channels, a couple of sports channels, and a few cartoon channels. I remember growing up, my dad would wake my brothers and I up every Saturday morning so that we could eat breakfast and watch special cartoons that would only air on Saturday mornings. Shows like Johnny Quest, Spiderman, and the Looney Tunes. It was the only time we could catch those shows and it was always something to look forward to. These days kids are watching any show they want at their own convenience. For example, my

Looney Tunes

niece is three years old and she loves PJ Mask. Because her mom pays for the Netflix subscription, she can not only watch it on Saturday mornings, but any day and any time she wants.

Netflix is the first subscription that involved me in the binge watching phenomenon. It has hundreds of tv shows to choose from and multiple seasons of each show, and Tech Radar deemed it #1 out of all streaming services available. No commercials, no interruptions, what more could you ask for. Not to mention Netflix gives you the ability to skip episode recaps which makes it even easier to binge watch. I know for a fact that I have watched full seasons in a day if

How to Get Away with Murder on ABC

not less. It only took me a week to finish the first 3 seasons of How to Get Away With Murder, and that was only because I still had to deal with everyday life in between watching it. There’s many reasons why people binge watch. Mareike Jenner, an independent scholar wrote, “Another factor in binge-watching is the text itself. The kind of attention demanded by some series seems to make it necessary for viewers to consciously make a decision to focus entirely on the series, something only possible if viewers can schedule autonomously”. This basically means Netflix create shows with scripts that only continue if you go to the next episode. Kind of like there’s no ending until the end of the season. It almost forces you to binge watch due to you wanting to know what’s going to happen next. For example, I use to love Pretty Little Liars, but the script and plot was all over the place, especially after the first half of season six. Side note that “A” reveal is still an epic fail if you ask me. Anyways, it was too many plot holes. Even if you watched it on Netflix and tried to binge watch it, you most likely wouldn’t want to. However, the Netflix originals, such as 13 reasons why, grasps you so much that you want to keep watching due to the ending of each episode connecting to the next acting as if it’s a long 9 plus hour movie.


I’m not going to lie to y’all, I love the Saturday morning memories I have with my family, and I wish more families would do stuff like that. However, I also love having the freedom to watch what I want when I want. The way I see it, a lot of parents don’t have the ability to watch Saturday cartoons because of work, but with these streaming subscriptions, they can have their morning cartoons whenever is convenient.

Streaming Subscriptions

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