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We will be pulling text from the comments on videos about a specific controversy involving Logan Paul, a content creator who started out on Vine and has since leveraged his social media empire to gain millions of subscribers on YouTube as well as acting credits in TV and Film, through YouTube Red, Disney, and elsewhere. We specifically draw out comments that are in support of Logan Paul– that is to say, comments which clearly speak against him (whether that means saying his actions are not forgivable or those which sling curses at him) and comments that do not express an opinion either way are discarded. There are well over a million comments on the above video alone, so rather than attempting to capture all supportive comments, text was simply gathered until the full document contained over 2000 words of comments per video.

At that point, the text was run through a few different online text analyzers– namely and’s text analyzer. The second website gives lists of how often different groupings appear within a text. We will be interpreting the most frequent language to better understand how fans react in the wake of a scandal such as the Logan Paul Suicide Forest situation.